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Evil Eye Bracelet Yellow Swarvorski

Evil Eye Bracelet Yellow Swarvorski


The people in the Middle East ,Turkey, Greece all beleive the following to be true...The Evil Eye represents " Warding Off ALL Evil Spirits and in Return Bringing Good Luck to YOU!! .There are many stories regarding the Evil Eye,we at Keleka's Kollections personally believe that saying, One because it has worked for us and Two it has worked for many people we have given this Bracelet to as a Gift. Our customers love it. And we love selling it to them it gives us great pleasure to here the stories behind why they are purchasing A Evil Eye Bracelet, and it gives us greater pleasure to here the Lucky, Happy Stories after the purchase......We do believe it is the Meaning behind it that makes it so Special. It certainly is not the most beautiful piece of Jewelry we sell however It is the piece that brings the Most Inner Piece to Someone..HANDS DOWN!! This happens to be our number one seller. So many people want them and have asked if we have a Website which is basically the main reason Why we decided to Publishe A Keleka's Kollections Website. Starting this business from home and selling the Evil Eye Bracelet to my Customers, Friends has made me realize how important it is to BELIEVE in something. To give this item as a gift to someone who may have a Cloud over there head for awhile, just PLAIN BAD LUCK, Sickness, Depression,Afraid to Fly the list goes on. This Bracelet is Inexpensive and can truthfully Change Someones Life,they will have this forever....whether or not there is truth in the bead itself one will NEVER know...but how often do people say "If you Believe you will Recieve" this may be a Mind over Matter type of thought, however it may be... IT WORKS in a way Flowers,Stuffed Animals,may not. This is for sure a Bracelet that you will be Complimented on every single time you wear it!! Some of my Clients wear every Color on there wrists...Its truly Amazing... We put this in the Keleka's Lucky Charm Catagory, so it is Easy to Find..Keleka's evil eye Bracelets give off a Sparkle from the Swarvoski Crystals that you have to see to Believe. They do come in all colors. Multi,Red, Yellow,White,Clear, Blue,Green Black is the most popular....(it is a Beauty) The Best Part about this Bracelet is it fits All with the Elastic Band , that really helps if you are giving this as a Gift...We Package this piece of Jewelry in a Black Velvet or Organza Pouch with a Saying inside the Pouch that reads " This Evil Eye Bracelet is Believed by many to Ward Off Evil Spirits and In Return Brings Good Luck to YOU!!" If you decide to purchase more than three Evil Eye Bracelets please email us in the Contact Us Section. A Special Price will Be Available...(Thats How Much We Here At Keleka's Kollections want you to try this Bracelet) P.S Negativity is Not a Option when you Wear this ...You Must Stay Positive!! We would love to hear your Stories regarding and Positive Changes in your Life!!

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